Hukilaubigwave Surf Company Hawaii

"Hawaiian Built" ~WELINA MAI~

HukilauBigWave is committed to sharing the joy of surfing with Ohana and friends. The name "HUKILAU" means just that; a gathering of family and friends working together to pull in a net of fish through small and BIGWAVEs for their community. Our signature shark featured on our boards and apparel is dedicated in honor of our beloved TUTU Alice "Kamano" Richmond that passed away June 10th, 2011. As the only "Kamano" or shark of the family, the spirit of her Amakua will live on through our Surfboards and the Makai. As TUTU would always say, "MAKE STRONG": This is the foundation of our company. "I love you mom. Your son, Eric."

HUKILAUBIGWAVE was started in the '70's by Eric "Hukilau" Miller (proud son of Alice "Kamano" Richmond). With Eric's passion and many years experience in Surfing, he is devoted to spreading his aloha, knowledge and his Hawaiian heritage to the world. Before Eric began to enjoy the "good life" of working as a beach boy at the old Waikiki Beach Center, for Sam's Steamboat, C&K Beach Services and The Hilton Hawaiian Village, Eric was honorably discharged from the US ARMY after serving a total of 6 years (1967-1973), with two years in Vietnam as a Helicopter Crew Chief and Door Gunner (1968-1969). He proudly dedicates this company to his fellow Vietnam Veterans that served by his side, and those who did not make it home. They will truly forever be in the "HUKILAU".